Tim works with you to understand your financial goals, and then helps you build the skills such that you can do it yourself.
— Bronwyn O.
It’s literally putting our money where our mouth is.
— Steph V.
Tim has such a kind, fun, and warm manner. He has a real gift for explaining things in a way that takes all the intimidation and overwhelm out of things.
— Danielle M.
There is no need to invest in ethically questionable markets.
— James H.
Tim turned something intimidating to me – DIY investing – into a manageable and interesting process.
— Megan J.
It was abundantly clear to us that Tim had our best interests at heart. Our portfolio perfectly reflects our risk tolerance, age, and most importantly, our beliefs.
— James B.
You can do this on your own with a lot more control and pay lower fees over the long run.
— Shama & Blake