Our goal is to help 1,000,000 Canadians invest intentionally.



Good Investing was founded by Tim Nash. After years of blogging as The Sustainable Economist, Tim realized that many people feel hopeless about investing and need some help. He created Good Investing as a way to help people learn how to invest online and make intentional decisions about what they’re investing in.

Tim is not a broker, advisor, or money manager. He's an investment coach that offers an independent perspective.  

He doesn’t sell any products or take any commissions. Instead, he collects an hourly fee for education and coaching services that help clients feel confident investing their own money according to their definitions of good and evil.


Here's Tim debating Kevin O'Leary about the green economy:

To learn more about Tim’s investment philosophy, please listen to the following podcasts:

Moolala – Sustainable Investment: Good for your feelings, but what about your finances? (9 minutes from 10:45-20:15)

Canadian Couch Potato: Couch Potato with a Conscience (53 minutes)